Friday, March 28, 2008


Earlier this month, I entered the 30s club. As my birthday fell on the church's Parent's Night Out for March, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to get our friends together for a little party. My sweet friend Candace took some pictures and posted them on her blog. I am so blessed to be surrounded by loving friends and family.


heather said...

Happy birthday!
I cried the night before I turned 30. Practically had to deal with post-traumatic stress.

kirsten said...
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kirsten said...
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kirsten said...

[sharp intake of breath, hand slapped to my forehead, starting to bang it on the counter]


i realized [almost a month after the fact] that i STILL have not sent your birthday card. i feel like a gomer. i am pretty sure it is still on my desk at home, waiting to be signed, sealed, & delivered as it were.

[banging head on the counter]

no excuses, just me feeling rather sheepish & pathetic.

so ... HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!!!!!! welcome to the 30s club, i hope you enjoy it & continue to feel more & more yourself every day, more & more the unique & wonderful child of God that you are.

you are a word spoken by God just once in all of eternity ...

blessings to you, friend!!!

Anonymous said...


I'm glad you're sharing with people your continual testimony. You do great things for the body of Christ. I am blessed to call you my best friend.

Adam Turner