Thursday, May 29, 2008

Six Random Things

Thanks for the tag, Christianne! This was fun.

1. I don’t chew gum, because I have recurring nightmares about gum. I dream that I am done with my gum. I try to spit it out, but it is stuck in my teeth. At this point I reach in to pull it out. I pull out a glob, thinking it is gone, only to find that there is more stuck between my teeth. So, I reach back in and pull, and pull, and pull, and pull…

2. While in seminary, mostly because she told me I could never lie to her convincingly, I stole Lisa Jones’ remote control. She had entrusted me with a key to her apartment. I dropped by one day when I knew she would not be there, slipped in, and took it. She asked me about it the next day at school. I told her I did not have her remote, technically not a lie. I had already placed it in the mail, and it was on its way back to her. She spend the next day or two searching through her apartment, convinced that I had not taken it.

3. I enjoy cooking. I especially enjoy making bread - maybe because I love eating bread. My bread does not always turn out great, but I am learning.

4. I nearly drowned in my Grandparents’ pool when I was little. It was early in the morning. I was playing on the pool steps. My brother was playing in the deep end of the pool. I was on the last step, but thought I had one more to go. I stepped off and went under. I remember trying my hardest to get to the surface, but I was going nowhere. My mother was sitting on the side of the pool, but her attention was elsewhere at the moment. She looked back to find me paddling away and going nowhere beneath the surface. In somewhat of a panic, she began pulling off her robe. My dad yelled at her from across the yard, “Don’t worry about your clothes! Get in and get her!” Mom jumped in, nightgown, robe, house shoes, and all. I was never so glad to feel her arms swoop me up. Perhaps this is why I don’t like putting my head under water.

5. I cannot whistle. Nor can I roll my tongue.

6. I have never changed my hair color – no dye, no bleach, not even the wash out in a few days kind.

I'd love to hear six random things from Candace, Kristy, Christi, and Elizabeth.


kirsten said...

hi christin!! this was so fun to read. i was laughing hysterically about you stealing lisa's remote in order to prove your point. that's just a wee bit diabolical & a whole lot hilarious!!

i will never be able to think of gum the same way again as i imagine the never-ending glob stuck in my mouth ...


heather said...

You should no that I pictured the entire event going down with you and Lisa. That was hilarious!

Christin said...

Thanks, ladies! Yes, Lisa soon became fond of saying I only looked innocent. She was usually taking the rap for things I did. No one ever believed that I was capable of such things. They all knew Lisa was the much more likely culprit. =)

Kirsten, I can't think normally about gum either. The nightmares are so frequent, that my first thought when someone offers me a piece of gum is usually that it will get stuck in my teeth. Then I remember that I only dream that gum gets stuck in my teeth. It has never actually happened.

Christianne said...

christin, i can totally imagine that nightmare about the gum. maybe i have dreamt that before myself, because i totally understood the nightmare of that?? anyway, it was funny to learn that you can't chew gum at all because of that. :)

this was fun to read. i'm glad you participated!

oh, and i've never put color in my hair, either. rare to find other people like that, huh? :)

Rebecca said...

Okay, do you want to hear the weirdest thing. . . I have the EXACT same dream at least 3-4 times each month. The scenario in my dream is that I'm chewing gum and need to call for help, but when I try to open my mouth, the gum is stuck everywhere and I can't make any sound. I try to pull out a big wad of gum, only to discover that my mouth is still full. Weird, huh??

My theory is that the dream started when I had to wear retainers at night. That's the only thing I can think of that makes any sense at all. Did you wear retainers??

Rebecca said...

Oh, and just for the record, my gum nightmares don't stop my from chewing gum during the day. . . even in Singapore! So far, I've never had a sticky-gum experience in real life.

Christin said...

Christianne - I knew we were kindred spirits. We may be the only two women in America who have never colored their hair. I even smile as the grays start coming in - still no plans to cover them up.

Rebecca - It is good to know I am not alone in my recurring gum nightmares. I did wear retainers in high school, but I don't think the nightmares started then. I think I had long abandoned the retainers by the time the nightmares started. I once heard that when people dream about their teeth falling out it is tied to a fear of speaking. I think the gum nightmares may reflect my fear of not being able to communicate through speech, of getting tongue-tied. I have noticed also that I do tend to have more and more difficulty getting words out. Anyway, kudos to you for working through the fear to maintain your gum chewing habits. =)

Lisa said...

You do know you're evil, don't you? =]

And yes, I know better than to underestimate you now! (And I also know you'll never lie to me again...unless it's for the sake of a prank!) lol!!