Wednesday, November 28, 2007

White Thanksgiving

In typical Texas fashion, we have had crazy weather. I am thanking God that it has finally cooled off. Cool weather means I get to wear my sweaters, and there is nothing better than snuggling up in a sweater.

It snowed on Thanksgiving. Adam and I were in Dallas visiting his family, so we missed it. However, my sweet neighbor Jessica, took a picture of our house. Isn't it beautiful?

It snowed again on Sunday. The biggest, fluffiest snowflakes filled the sky for hours. This was a new coating of white, as the one from Thursday was gone on Friday. Adam and I set up our Christmas tree while Luke took his afternoon nap and the snow gave me holiday tingles.

When Luke woke up, we were anxious to introduce him to snow. He was not impressed. Adam tried to coax him over to touch the snow. Luke kept his distance. This was the closest he got to it. I think he ventured to stick one finger in the white one time.

The tree, on the other hand, was a huge hit. Gasps of oohs and aahs accompanined a very excited pointing finger. So far, every morning when we walk into the living room, he points and the tree and says, "ligh, ligh." We have yet to actually decorate the tree, but it does have lights. I am hoping it will have ornaments on it before Christmas.

I am sorry I have been an unfaithful blogger. I think of you, my blogging friends often and long for a little computer time. Here are some pictures from Halloween. Luke loved his costume. He wore if for several days. I hope you are doing well and enjoying the business of the holiday season.