Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Update on Connie

God is so good!

Connie is doing very well. She has been moved out of ICU and is in her own room. They have taken her off sedation, so she is alert. The ventilator has been removed as has her feeding tube. So, she is breathing and eating on her own. Praise God!

They have fitter her for a helmet and started physical therapy. She is now able to sit unassisted in an arm chair. She is also able to say a few words, which means she has not lost all ability to speak. Praise God!

Also, the latest MRI shows that the clot in her heart, the one that was oh so scary and needed open-heart surgery asap, has completely disappeared. There is still as small clot in her pulmonary artery, but they do not seem as concerned about it. Praise God!

All in all, she is doing very well. She still has a long way to go, though, so your prayers are still very much appreciated. God is doing so much. He is answering prayer above and beyond all that we have imagined (Eph 3:20). I pray that we will keep this a testimony to God's goodness and give him all the glory.

Praise God!


kirsten said...

praise God, indeed!!

this is such great news & i was joyed to hear your post peppered with praises. this is beautiful & wonderful, Christin!!


Christianne said...

so good to hear!! wow. this is tough stuff, truly. but i'm thankful God gives us showers of his lovingkindness and goodness. we give him praise for what he has done.

The Bergers said...

Excellent news! Our God still does miracles today!! Isn't wonderful to serve him?! I will continue to pray. thanks for the update.

Christin said...

Thank you all for your continued prayers and for praising God with us. After all, even this is about giving God the glory.