Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Quick Update

I can't believe it has been so long since I last visited Blog World. Things on the Turner front have been quite busy. Here is the short version of what's been happening.

We closed on our new house on Monday, April 30th. However, the previous owners' house was not ready yet, so we technically leased our house to them until Thursday. We got the keys on Thursday and moved in on Saturday, Cinco de Mayo. Well, as it turns out, my entire family was scheduled to be out of town on business that day. So, a friend volunteered to help us move. Then, my dad's flight got messed up, so he was able to help us move Saturday morning until noon. Adam was convinced that they could make three trips to the new house from the storage unit from 8am-12pm. I thought he was crazy. As it turns out, they only needed to make two trips. However, the friend who was helping had to leave after unloading the first trailer load into our garage. This concerned me a little as the old sleeper sofa and the piano (the two heaviest things we own) were still sitting in the storage unit.

So, at 11am, Adam and my dad are headed back to the storage unit to load up the remainder of our stuff, and my mom and I headed back to her house to look for the furniture dollies in the garage to aid in moving the piano and couch. As I step around the front of my car, which was still sitting in mom's garage, I banged my knee on the the corner of my license plate. Not much pain, but oodles of blood. I call to mom. She brings the roll of paper towels. I realize that I am trying to stop the bleeding by pressing my very dirty finger on the wound. I switch to paper towels. I hobble in to the kitchen sink to clean up my leg. Mom brings hydrogen peroxide. I douse my wound. Still no pain. Mom calls Dad to inform him of our delay. Mom brings band aids, Neosporin, and clean socks. Bleeding has mostly stopped. I tightly adhere a band aid across my knee to hold wound together, change socks, and we head for the storage unit sans furniture dollies. When we arrive, both piano and couch are already on trailer.

The guys were able to finish unloading the trailer, except for the piano which is still sitting in the trailer in our driveway, by noon. We headed back to my parents house so Dad could shower and we could eat lunch. After lunch I trundled off to the Minor Emergency Clinic for a Tetanus shot, and after an hour returned to unpack boxes with a shot in the arm and three stitches in the knee. One more scar for the collection.

Meanwhile, Luke's eyes were oozing yellow gook. This has happened before, and so we knew he probably had another ear infection. Apparently, when one's sinuses and ears are really clogged, the gook starts coming out one's eyes. Of course, since it was late Saturday, he had to tough it out until Monday morning. Not to worry, he really didn't feel all that bad, his head was just really gross, leaking from the eyes, and by Monday morning, the ears. So, he is now on antibiotics once again, which lead to multiple diarrhea diapers a day. More yuck. Again I say, "Mike Rowe, you haven't got anything on me."

So, we have been busy unpacking all week. Since everything was in storage, everything has been infiltrated with bugs and dust. I have spent the last five days putting as much as possible through the dishwasher and handwashing the vast majority of my dishes. The washer and dryer have also been running nearly nonstop with sheets and towels and blankets. My hands are so dry that I can feel the roughness between my fingers. With all the washing, I haven't made it past the kitchen. Adam has set up the living room, and put our bed together.

We did also set up Luke's room so he could feel at home. He has a rough couple of days at first. He would get scared when I laid him down for his nap or bedtime. So, I would rock him to sleep and then lay him down. However, yesterday he went to his room all by himself to play with his toys and laid down as usual for his nap and bedtime. And, he has slept through the night the last two nights. Of course he could have been waking up the previous nights because his ears were hurting.

Well, that's the short version. At least as short as I know how to keep it. I will post some pictures of our wonderful new home as soon as I can.

I look forward to catching up with what's been going on in each of your worlds soon.